MJM Step Over / Step Through/ Folding

 This is the e-bike that will get you where you need to go (and back) with power to spare. The SO22 is the premier e-bike in its class when it comes to range and style. Its 48V 17.5ah battery is unmatched and good for a journey up to 93km before it needs charging. And its comfort and style, well, that speaks for itself.

Please note that by law, you must be 12+ years of age to rent an E-Bike. Minimum height 5’0″.

MJM Fat Tire E-bike

Want the ease and comfort of a step through bike, but the rugged capability of a fat tire mountain bike? Now you don’t have to choose. Ride in comfort over the roughest terrain with our new STF/ MTF model ebikes, the best of both worlds.

Please note that by law, you must be 12+ years of age to rent an E-Bike. Minimum height 5’2″.

Fat Tire e-trike

A step through frame for easy access, a 500w motor for maximum power, everything about this ebike is designed to carry you, and your gear, to your next adventure. The same easy-balanced ride that you love about a trike, but with a heavy-duty frame, double basket, and thicker tires to help you get the job done.

Please note that by law, you must be 12+ years of age to rent an E-Bike. Minimum height 5’0″

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E-Bike Pricing

Type2 Hours4 Hours1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days 6 Days7 DaysAdditional Days
Fat Tire E-Bike$59.00$79.00$99.00$198.00$270.00$360.00$425.00$510.00$595.00$85.00
Fat Tire E-Trike$59.00$79.00$99.00$198.00$270.00$360.00$425.00$510.00$595.00$85.00

Damage Waiver – $10

The Damage Waiver covers any accidental repairable damage incurred to the bike while riding (excluding electrical system and frame damage). The damage waiver is optional but recommended. If you do not take the Damage Waiver, you will be liable for the full cost of repair to bring the bike back to full functionality. The Damage Waiver does not cover loss, theft or damage incurred through negligence.



Yes, our E-Bikes provide a fun and lively pedal assist to help you climb hills and cover longer distances. The bike is not motorized if you stop pedaling.

Helmets are mandatory for minors riding a bicycle in Alberta and strongly recommended for anyone riding a bike regardless of age. We provide complimentary helmets with all bike rentals.

E-Bikes have an upper limit of 32kmph.

We have some great route recommendations for our E-Bikes. See our Suggested Routes page for trail maps. We do not recommend taking the E-Bikes to Lake Lousie (120km round-trip) as you will likely run out of battery during the trip. If you plan on taking the local bus service with the E-bikes please let us know in advance.